TMJ and Orofacial pain

Any amount of pain experienced in the orofacial region that extends up the head and down the neck and shoulders can be related to your temporomandibular joints. A range of problems that are related to these joints is termed as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder.


The cause behind TMJ can be associated with malfunctioning temporomandibular joints, otherwise known as TMD. It can cause orofacial pain and severe headaches, difficulty in exhibiting movement of the jaws, constricting the muscles in the areas next to ears and the mouth, unusual clicking noises, and soreness at the jaw, neck, and shoulders.

Treating the condition

As you visit your dentist, we give you a full proof plan where we undertake to examine and study your condition before coming to a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dentists often recommend pain relievers and anti-inflammatories to subside extreme conditions of pain. Further tests would reveal if the patient is required for oral surgery or a full mouth rehabilitation. Certain conditions of TMD can be rectified with the help of oral appliances such as mouth guards.

Untreated TMD can cause potential risks for the patient. Hence, immediate treatment is advised.

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