Pediatrics Treatment

Your child's treatment would continue as below based on the appropriate diagnosis.

Medication - Mild cases of the sleep disorder can be easily subsided with nasal steroids and anti-allergy medicines. 

Adenotonsillectomy - A simple and easy way to permanently correct blocked airway to the lungs is to remove tonsils and adenoids of the mouth. 

Continuous Positive Air Pressure Therapy - CPAP is an excellent way of keeping your airway open. This device comprises an air mask that would gently blow air through a tube. The tube is connected to a mask that can be attached to the child's mouth and nose. The resulting air pressure works significantly to ensure that the airway behind the throat is kept open preventing obstructed sleep. 

Oral appliances - Sleep disorders or interruptions during sleep can be significantly reduced with the help of oral devices. Oral appliances work by moving the tongue and lower jawbone in a forward position allowing to ensure that your child's upper airway remains open.

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