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Humans can go without food for three weeks, without water for three days, but can only last about three minutes without oxygen.  However, in modern health care, there is still very little attention paid to airway obstruction and optimizing breathing efficiency unless the patient complains of symptoms.  The problem is we adapt to our sub-optimal breathing and we don’t know what optimal breathing feels like!!!  So many patients are suffering with the sequelae of airway obstruction but think they breathe just fine.  Trust me, I know, that was me!  By the recommendation of my friend and mentor, Dr. Daniel Klauer, I referred myself for a sleep study at age 45 to discover that I have severe sleep apnea.  I was one of the estimated 80% of the 80 million Americans (yes, million) who have sleep apnea and don’t know it.  I also had a severely deviated nasal septum until I got that fixed in 2018; thank you Dr. Douglas Liepert.  I am now breathing better and working towards restoring my health that had been in decline for decades due to airway obstruction.  Nor Cal Airway was created to help others, like myself, breathe better and liver better.

In Service to Our Community and Beyond,

Eric Phelps, D.D.S., MS

About Nor Cal Airway

Having practiced orthodontics for 15 years, Dr. Phelps has observed a strong correlation between orthodontic problems (narrow arches, crowding, crossbites, open bites, etc.) and airway obstruction. And airway obstruction can lead to so many more dental/medical health problems including termporomandibular dysfunction, chronic fatigue, migraines, and much more. At Nor Cal Airway, we start with a comprehensive review of signs and symptoms to determine the likelihood of airway obstruction. Among other diagnostic techniques, if indicated, we use iCAT CBCT imaging to evaluate the nasal and pharyngeal airways, temporomandibular joints, and general orofacial anatomy. We then customize our treatment plans to improve breathing, restore proper function, reduce inflammation, and improve quality of life. We have developed a team at Nor Cal Airway dedicated to provide patient treatment, support, and education.  And we have developed relationships with our medical colleagues to ensure patients have the comprehensive approach needed to diagnose and treat airway obstruction and the related symptoms.  We welcome you to Nor Cal Airway and look forward to helping you.

The Nor Cal Airway Team

The Mission of Nor Cal Airway

From chronic mouth-breathing to severe sleep apnea, there are a wide range of breathing disorders caused by airway obstruction.  Sub-optimal breathing can lead to wide ranging and extensive dental and medical complications.  At Nor Cal Airway, we are dedicated to helping our patients achieve optimal breathing with the ultimate goal of achieving the highest quality of life.  We are committed to bridging the gap between medicine and dentistry as often patients with airway obstruction fall in between these great fields of health care.  And we are focused on the advancement of treatment modalities through research and education.  We are blessed to be a part of this developing field of comprehensive health care.

The Nor Cal Airway Team

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