Why Nor Cal Airway?

Having practiced orthodontics for 15 years, Dr. Phelps has observed a strong correlation between orthodontic problems (narrow arches, crowding, crossbites, open bites, etc.) and airway obstruction. Airway obstruction can lead to so many more dental as well as medical health problems including temporomandibular dysfunction, chronic fatigue, migraines, and much more. At Nor Cal Airway, we start with a comprehensive review of signs and symptoms to determine the likelihood of airway obstruction. If indicated, we use iCAT CBCT imaging to evaluate the nasal and pharyngeal airways and jaw joints. We then customize our treatment plans to improve breathing, restore proper function, reduce inflammation, and improve quality of life. We have developed a team dedicated to patient treatment, support, and education. We welcome you to Nor Cal Airway and look forward to helping you.



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What patients are saying about Nor Cal Airway

Before coming to Dr. Phelps I had talked to my dentist about jaw pain and headaches. My dentist knew that grinding and clenching my teeth was an ongoing problem for me, even in childhood. He made me a sleep appliance that he thought would help me. When that wasn’t working and I still had headaches and then more jaw pain, my dentist wanted to refer to another specialist and so I reached out to Dr. Phelps to see if he had any suggestions. I was in his office within a week. Before I started treatment with Dr. Phelps I was having a lot of jaw pain and it was starting to interfere with eating and sleeping. Even talking could be painful. I was adjusting my diet to mostly soft foods, I had lost a few pounds and my jaw was tired all the time. This had gone on for about a year. My treatment with Nor Cal Airway started August 1, 2018. They took great care of me! Dr. Phelps told me that I had the beginnings of arthritis in my jaw and it was very inflamed. Dr. Phelps and his staff were always welcoming and professional. I wore both the daytime and nighttime appliances prescribed, judiciously and within a 3 month time period I wasn’t experiencing the jaw pain or headaches anymore. I still use the nighttime appliance and I am so thankful for Nor Cal Airway and Dr. Phelps. The treatment has made such a difference in my life. I still can’t believe I am pain-free. I couldn’t be happier with the results!

C.R. - San Jose, CA

I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea by an Ear Nose and Throat doctor and he prescribed the CPAP machine and I thought that was a medieval torture device. The reason I went to the doctor in the first place was I was snoring and waking my husband up and he heard what he thought was me stopping breathing during the night. What I like about using a sleep appliance is it is very easy to use, it doesn't make any noise, it's comfortable and the best thing is my husband says that my snoring has drastically been reduced. I will be having a second sleep study done and am looking forward to seeing the results of that test. The Nor Cal Airway staff has been great. Everyone is very friendly and on time and I love coming here for my cold laser therapy treatments. Looking back, I ask myself, 'why did I wait so long?'

Corey - Menlo Park, CA

In 2015 I sought medical treatment for fluid in my inner ear that would not clear and dulled my hearing on that side. After multiple tests, they said I had a deviated septum, but didn't think surgery would necessarily help. I have also suffered with clenching at night since 2008. My front tooth was slightly twisted due to an NTI (splint that is claimed to prevent headache and bruxism) I had worn for several years to deal with clenching. I saw Dr. Cohen for Invisalign before having a different appliance made. Through that process, I was referred to Dr. Phelps for an evaluation. He felt the deviated septum was significant and warranted surgery, and recommended a sleep study. It was found that I had mild to moderate sleep apnea and obstructive airway syndrome. After surgery for my deviated septum, I no longer had significant obstructive airway syndrome, my ear cleared, but still had sleep apnea. I tried a C-Pap machine, which was an awful experience.

Dr. Phelps also suggested using an oral sleep appliance which not only protects my teeth, but also protects my pharyngeal airway. Since using the new oral appliance I sleep better, have less jaw pain, and no longer have significant sleep apnea. I love that this device helps with apnea and clenching as well. It is easy to use and no need for a machine.

The Nor Cal Airway team is knowledgeable, caring, and efficient. I especially appreciated Dr. Luu and Dr. Phelps attention to detail in the initial evaluation and making sure everything fit just right.

To anyone who is considering treatment, I would suggest being open to how interconnected everything is in our bodies, and embrace the idea that when there are problems in one area, it can affect functioning in other areas as well.

I wish this was available years ago!

Cynthia - San Jose, CA

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